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450 E. 96th St.
Suite 150
Indianapolis, IN
p. 317-816-8880
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D&G Limited, LLC is an electronic imaging and full prepress technologies company located in Indianapolis.

We specialize in comprehensive packaging solutions to publishers—from cast-off and production editing to layout and film output. We also offer CD-ROM development, Internet services,
scanning and illustration, and cover and book design.

Where We've Come From...

Our roots extend deeply into the publishing industry. After starting 11 years ago in a third-floor attic, D&G Limited, LLC, has been producing books since the computer became part of the publishing industry.

And Where We're Going...

We've made a tremendous investment in the publishing industry—both in equipment and people. We strive to become the resource that publishers turn to for getting projects done on time. D&G Limited, LLC is also committed to helping you take your projects "into the future." We have the skills to take your work to a new level by providing your audience with cutting-edge products including the full range of high-tech delivery mediums.

Our Strengths

Although we customize our services for each project (and each client), consistency is also a standard that we offer to our customers. We outperform the competition by providing the following: A Strategic Single-Source Relationship This means one resource for all the needs of a project—from author management to typesetting to film, to printer files and alternate media conversions like C--ROM and the Internet.

D&G covers all aspects for packaging content—print, Internet, and multimedia. Ease of Integration and Interaction One of our goals is to customize our services to your project. No two clients have exactly the same requirements and we do not believe in "cookie-cutter" services. Our greatest achievement is to relieve you of your production worries, providing you with peace of mind and the highest quality service at a competitive price.

Flexibility and Customer Service

These are the key components of execution. Because of our comprehensive services and our staff of CSRs, we can help you accommodate schedule fluctuations, and we donŐt believe in surprises. The status of your project will be communicated to you as often as needed, along with any other required information.

Staff Expertise

We have assembled a group of talented individuals with the greatest possible breadth of skills. D&G has combined artists, illustrators, layout technicians, and designers with editors, process engineers, customer service experts, sales and marketing professionals, and experienced managers. This mix of abilities provides you with a tremendous array of expertise to be applied to your project—whether simple or extraordinarily complex.

Commitment to You

Three things are critical for the successful completion of a project: Communication, Flexibility, and ...Communication Clients entrust projects to D&G Limited, LLC for a variety of reasons. One of the most important is that we function like an extension of their staff. We perform our tasks semi-autonomously, communicate fully with all involved, and act as a team for both problem-solving and goal attainment. In that spirit, we must communicate with you the client throughout every phase of the project

It is only through communication and the successful completion of projects that we can build the component of a vendor relationship that is crucial—trust. We know we can do excellent work for you, and we would like the opportunity to show you how we perform. Our main goal is to become a strong, strategic partner that helps drive the success of your enterprise.

Call us—and see not only what we promise, but how well we deliver.

Thank you,
Angie MacAllister

1998 D&G Limited, LLC
450 E. 96th Street Indianapolis, IN 46240 (317) 816-8880


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